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    Roberto Camp


    It may be that I'm running a newer version of the Wix platform for some reason, but I cannot configure the the html/iframe app in the way instructed here. What I've managed to do is add a "custom script" for the Cookiebot banner, and this works fine. I've also managed to add the cookie declaration on a separate page, using a slightly different version of what you instructed here. However, I cannot get the "Change my consent" link to work. My guess is that since the banner script is running in the actual website code and the cookie declaration is running in a iframe the variables that both scripts exchange are not being passed between them. In theory this should be possible using Wix Code, but knowing what to pass in between the container and the frame is something maybe you're more capable of helping with?

    Also, Wix supports google analytics out of the box with only the tracking ID, but if you add GA as another custom script you can add the prior consent, at least for GA. 

    In any case, do you think you can help in any way with the "Change Consent" link? I think Wix will probably address this somehow in the future, but I'm not sure when that'll be. 

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    Marco Botticelli

    Same as Roberto, can anyone please support with the cookie declaration?

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    Cookiebot support

    Hello Roberto and Marco - please check the update we have made to the Wix implementation guide above!

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    Roberto Camp


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this still doesn't address the consent management in the cookie declaration does it? I mean this solution may work if the privacy policy has absolutely no format, how would you choose where to insert the declaration into the privacy policy page? the html iframe still does not work I assume?


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    Marco Botticelli

    HI, confirming as per Roberto. 

    I tried to install the Declaration script as per new instructions.

    In Wix > Settings > Tracking & Analytics, I tried to set the script to load within the body (both beginning and end). 
    I could see the Change Consent link appearing, however the visualisation of the page was distorted: the script loaded above the menu/header of the page (when set to beginning of the body in Wix settings) or below the footer (when set to the end of the body in Wix settings).

    Note: I had to revert back due to the issue above, installing the script  within the iFrame, but you can see the Change Consent link does not appear. 

    The iFrame would be the preferred option as I can control where to set it in the page.

    Could you please advise?


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