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We create custom Javascripts for you automatically, ready to be added to your website code. Easy peasy! Check out all our integrations such as our Wordpress plugin or Google Tag Manager template here: installation guides.

You want your cookie banner to fit in seamlesly with your website design? Have a look at our build-in styling options available from your Cookiebot CMP manager > "Dialog" tab. Using a "custom" theme will allow you to select your own color pattern.

Want to do more cool stuff with your banner? Select the "custom" template and get to work designing your fully customized banner with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Actually, you don't have to choose, as the type of subscription for your domain is automatically set based upon the amount of pages identified by our scanner. Once you add a domain to your Premium Cookiebot account, our scanner will crawl each url identified on the given domain and follow links to all other unique urls found on the page.

If the scanner finds less than 350 pages > PREMIUM SMALL
If the scanner finds less than 3500 pages > PREMIUM MEDIUM
If the scanner finds more than 3500 pages > PREMIUM LARGE

More info can be found on our pricing page.
If you only have 1 domain with less than 50 pages, you can use our Free plan.
Don't know the size of your website? No need to worry! You can use our free quote tool to help you calculate the price.

If you have recently created an account or if you have added a new domain, the first full scan may not yet be complete. Please allow for up to 24 hours for a scan to complete.
When the scan is finished, you will be able to see the subscription size based on the number of pages the scanner has identified via your manager > "Cookies" tab.

Yes, Cookiebot CMP treats domains and subdomains separately. This is because we need to scan each domain and subdomain. Therefore, you need a subscription for each of your domains and each of your subdomains

-, and are treated as 3 different domains.
-, and are treated as 1 domain.
- Please note that and should be treated as 1 domain. Adding both and will result in a billing for both domains.

If you only have 1 domain with less than 50 pages, you can use our Free plan and stay on this plan as long as these conditions are met.
If you would like to have full functionality enabled, you can always upgrade your Free plan to Premium by adding your payment details. See more on the difference between Free and Premium.

Our Free plan contains all functionality necessary to enable a fully compliant consent solution.

Important: Adding payment details to your Free account will upgrade the account to Premium and your domain will be billed as a subscription size Small (as long as it has less than 350 pages).

Local VAT will be charged to customers situated in the EU, except companies with a valid VAT-number ("reverse charge"). The exception does not apply to Danish companies. Customers outside the EU will not be charged VAT.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover and the Danish credit card, Dankort. We also accept PayPal.

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