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How can the user change or withdraw a cookie consent?



  • ILCB

    After clicking the 'Withdraw your consent' button and removing all cookies, when I open the CookieBot modal my toggle's are still switched to enabled. How can I use the Withdraw your Consent button to set values in Local Storage that will set the toggles to a disabled state?

  • Peter

    You see, it is stated: "it has to be as easy for the website user to withdraw a consent as it was to give it in the first place."

    Now, let's look at the process. The banner pop-up, the user sets choices and allows cookies. Period.

    Now, to revoke the consent, the user must think how to do it, perhaps will check our privacy policy, if that is done and there is a note in a privacy policy, the user finds the link to cookie declaration and only then it can change its choices. Alternatively, the user will clear browsing data.

    The question is: Is it as easy as giving a consent. In my opinion, it is not. What I suggest is that there is some floating widget of a cookiebot banner to streamline the process. Can it be done? I know one can place a link in the footer of the website but I guess a widget is nicer. In case of wordpress how do you in fact place the script for Cookie Declaration to appear again since it should work from the plugin settings?

  • Frank Murphy

    I agree with Peter. The current implementation is not fully GDPR compliant. It is not as easy to withdraw consent as it was to give it in the first place. I know I can set-up a link at the bottom of the page with the following code <a href="javascript: Cookiebot.renew()">Cookie Settings</a> and use CSS to fix it to the bottom of the page - but this should be implemented by default by CookieBot. Is it possible to add this as a feature request?




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