Multilingual support when using GTM




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    Ilya Averyanov

    Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for your documentation!

    What should I write in currentUserPagePathname.indexOf(" ") if I want English to be displayed on my root domain, while German to be displayed on my de, subdomain?

    Kind regards,

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    Stephen Greis


    you don't have to write custom javascript for that. Simply do the following steps:

    • In GTM create a new variable of type "javascript variable" and name it "Current Language".
    • Set as name of the global variable: document.documentElement.lang
    • Save the GTM variable
    • Edit the Cookiebot Tag
    • As "Language" set "By GTM variable"
    • As "Language variable" set: {{Current Language}}
    • Save the Tag

    That's it...


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    Richard van der Velde

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the tip. It's definitely useful, but probably not quite enough by it self.
    For example on this page, this property returns "en-US". We would have to trim off the "-US" part to make this work. Using this instead should do the trick: document.documentElement.lang.substring(0,2)

    This requires that the lang attribute is set and actually reflects the preferred language though.



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