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Whitelisting the Cookiebot scanner



  • webmaster

    Cookiebot support, can you please get in contact with Google and fix this?
    We all have to make filters and stuff to bann your monthly scanning from our Google Search Console listings.

    This is not ok.

  • Roel Cuijpers

    Hi! The thing I'm doing now is creating a User Agent variable in GTM and using this to create a pageview trigger that checks for "Cookiebot" in the user agent variable. If this is the case, do not deploy the GA4 tag. Maybe it will help you along. 

  • JImmy Dovholt

    We need you to set up your crawler to "do not track" or something when visiting sites. Not only Google Analytics are affected by this, but also the native analytics in Shopfy et al.

  • George

    Cookiebot support, your IPs do not work for filtering traffic in Direct - GA4, when the scanner is running!!! Following all the filtering instructions, the bot traffic will still appear in GA4. What should I do about it?


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