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Disable automatic cookie blocking for a specific script



  • Michael

    Adding data-cookieconsent="ignore" to a script-tag does not have the desired effect. The annotated script is still being blocked by CB.

  • Florian

    The order of the attributes seems to be important. The data-cookieconsent="ignore" must be placed before the src-attribute to work correctly. Maybe this should be mentioned in this help article.

  • hugolin69

    I setup CookieBot with GTM, using the CMP from GTM, and then having Google Consent.

    I setup a conversion Google Ads, that will launch in any case of consent. (Consent, not Consent, Refused).

    In CookieBot, I setup the script to be manual.

    When I do the conversion, if the consent has not been given or refused, the Conversion is launched but I got an error in the console : Refused to execute script from '' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.


    Seems that when cookiebot is launched with the CMP of GTM, it automatically block all script, even with the "manual" parameter in CookieBot, and as the Script Google Ads conversion comes without type "text/javascript", it use it with a text default.*


    CookieBot team can you confirm this bug on your side ?


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