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Will using Cookiebot affect my website's performance, SEO, ranking and indexation of content?



  • Jaap Bakker

    Hi, I have read your article but Cookiebot uc.js still shows up in pagespeed as a blocking resource. It takes up more than a second of time. I can imagine that a user will have this the first time but the actual pagespeed should be higher.

    Pagespeed should not be able to detect cookiebot in order to verify actual pagespeed.

  • WiseTribes Site Team

    I completely agree, cookiebot whatever agreements you have with Google do not seem to be working in the real world. You've become 53% of the 3rd party problem on my site which itself accounts for 80% of the load speed reduction. This article is nonsense. 

  • Arnab Sen

    This is still an issue. Any update from CookieBot on this?

  • Tina Gersuni

    Is it possible to load /uc.js from a local ressource in order to speed it up?

  • Borja

    I totally agree with WiseTribes comment.

    Cookibot causes a rendering block of more than 2 seconds!

    A total disappointment. ;(

  • Tina Gersuni

    I agree with WiseTribes and Borja. There is a significant rendering block originating from /uc.js.

  • Eycke Langhans

    Same Problem. /uc.js blocking for 1.9 seconds

  • Ingo Fabbri

    Same here.

  • Luciano Macera

    Some problem, the execution time varies from 0.3 to 0.9 seconds

  • Joel Evans

    Same here, 1.2s delay - not the 100ms promised in the article. Is there any update to this?


  • Fred Klein

    Dear Cookiebot support

    I am still loving your solution in respect of GDPR.

    However, I am facing the same performance issue here when running lighthouse in my Chrome browser, generating a report for mobile. It complains about render-blocking resources where uc.js stand out with 910 ms.

    How can I improve this on my site (WordPress + Hummingbird)?

    br, Fred

    EDIT: some précision: uc.js is fine when running Lighthouse for desktop (I reach 100%) but shows bad performance when running Lighthouse for mobile.

  • Joel Evans

    Just to echo this one - I posted here 3 months ago. Any chance of a reply or are these support boards officially not supported any more? If so, could you please indicate that somewhere?

  • Elin L

    I'm experiencing the same thing. Would be very interesting with an update from the Cookiebot support here. As many others mention this affects mobile and results in a poor page speed result.

    The blocking for me is approx. 1080ms


  • Denis

    same problem here. Cookiebot is the last issue keeping our website to get a good Core Web Vital score, as everything else is optimized as good as possible to limitations by our javascript frameworks.

    Is this problem in any way being adressed by Cookiebot? We are now planing / searching for alternative solutions and will probably remove Cookiebot from our projects… 

    cookiebots automatic blocking is great, but the time we spent on making everything else faster so cookiebot is not affecting CWV is now taking more time/effort then using some other cookie banner solutions which dont offer automatic blocking.

  • Agusti Pons

    Same here, nearly one second of blocking script in this page


    any solution?


  • Rune

    Hi all,

    As stated in the article, the banner is not displayed to known search engines/crawlers, so any rendering delays will not affect your actual SEO, however optimization tools may not reflect this.

    Sadly, a minor delay in rendering is unavoidable when using automatic blocking, since our script evaluates all the elements that are added to the DOM. If you do find that the rendering delay is noticeable, then you should look into implementing manual blocking mode (or use Google Tag Manager or a combination of the two), as using Cookiebot in manual mode does not cause any rendering delays and gives you full control over exactly which elements are blocked.


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