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Cookiebot blocks every script on website
13 votes 46 comments
Corrupted forms in IE, Edge
3 votes 22 comments
integration with wordpress
0 votes 17 comments
Google Analytics Pageviews suddenly incredibly low
4 votes 16 comments
Cookie-Tool destroys slider on homepage
0 votes 15 comments
The main menu stopped working
0 votes 12 comments
Cookie-blocking mode Auto breaks (MS Edge)
1 vote 12 comments
data-cookieconsent not working in IE11
2 votes 12 comments
04 related to bc-v3.min.html (cookiebot)
0 votes 11 comments
Error: No such file or directory
0 votes 11 comments
Update of my dialog template - not showing on website
0 votes 11 comments
Green Checkboxes!!!
0 votes 11 comments
Cookiebot custom script ignoring nonce and being blocked by CSP
0 votes 10 comments
Google Recaptcha field only loads if marketing cookies are enabled.
1 vote 10 comments
Duplicate Cookiebot on Subdomain (iframe)
0 votes 10 comments
website not loading well if cookiebot plugin enabled
0 votes 10 comments
The Auto Block, blocks my pictures on my website
0 votes 9 comments
Angular application fails to load when cookiebot is enabled
1 vote 9 comments
Incorrect Provider displayed against some cookies
0 votes 9 comments
Having a problem in my website
0 votes 8 comments
No page refresh
1 vote 8 comments
Cookiebot breaks some Wordpress plugins
1 vote 8 comments
Cookiebot scanner scans for my partners (Google AdSense) cookies
0 votes 8 comments
Cookiebot isn't up to date with standards WCAG 2.1
0 votes 7 comments
Real-time tracking in GA no longer works after integration of Google Consent Mode
2 votes 7 comments
Cookiebot broke my wordpress site
0 votes 7 comments
TypeError: Illegal invocation
1 vote 7 comments
Cookie category and details doesn't update
0 votes 7 comments