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New type of cookie bar: cookie list with "Accept all" and "OK" button's Answered
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Idea: Support for lazy loading of iframes
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Remove "Powered by Cookiebot"
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Your scan says a website doesn't use any cookie but...
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Missing "alt" attribute on <img id="CybotCookiebotDialogPoweredbyImage"
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Add missing HTML Placeholders
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Why is not GDPR compliant?
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UserAgent - Need to know its CookieBot to avoid Blocking unknown Scanner Answered
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New HTML Placeholders for cookie counters
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Localization of date for 'cookie declaration last updated on' Answered
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Cookie Banner: categories without cookies & size
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Mobile App Compliance
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Allow translation of [#DETAILS#]
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Request for Two Factor Authentication / 2FA / TFA
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X out option on Cookiebot banner
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Cookiebot at the new ITP2.1 release from apple
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Non-cookie tracking technology
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UserAgent Answered
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Methods not available if "show only to EU users"
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Please provide source codes for templates
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