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Cookiebot effect on my wordpress website speed



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    Hi Hasnat!

    If you intend to use Cookiebot CMP's Auto Blocking feature it's possible that your performance can be affected since the entire DOM needs to be checked and possibly modified to prevent tracking from occurring prior consent.

    The impact should not be serious though, since we do everything in our power to prevent a negative impact on your website.

    Also note that optimizers can cause issues in combination with the Auto Blocking feature, so we don't recommend combining these technologies.

    If performance is paramount, we would strongly recommend not using the Auto Blocking feature and manually marking up elements that must not load prior consent. While more cumbersome to implement, with manual markup Cookiebot CMP will have no impact whatsoever on your website's performance.

    Best regards,


    Cookiebot support

  • jullia

    its informative



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