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Adblocker blocking cookiebot.



  • Official comment
    Patrick Gehrs


    Thanks for reaching out.

    The only solution is to uninstall the adblocker. It's completely out of our hands, if users decide to use third party software that renders our tool unusable.

    Best regards,

  • Alexa Oliver

    When it comes to using Cookiebot with GTM (Google Tag Manager) and ensuring compatibility with ad-blockers like uBlock Origin and AdGuard, there are a few considerations:

    Verify your Cookiebot implementation: Double-check if you have correctly implemented Cookiebot on your website using GTM. 

    Customize your Cookiebot configuration: Cookiebot allows you to configure different cookie categories and their associated purposes. Ensure that you have set up your cookie categories accurately to align with the specific cookies used on your website. This will help users understand and manage their preferences effectively.

    Test with different ad-blockers: It's a good practice to test the behavior of your website with various ad-blockers to ensure compatibility. In addition to uBlock Origin and AdGuard, consider testing with other popular ad-blockers to identify any potential conflicts or issues.

  • rabiasher

    To address issues with cookie consent pop-ups being blocked by uBlock Origin and AdGuard:

    1. Review blocking rules and whitelist necessary domains.
    2. Test your site in incognito/private mode to identify the issue.
    3. Contact support for the browser extensions.
    4. Consider alternative cookie consent solutions if the problem persists.

    Ensure compliance while maintaining a good user experience.

  • First Qibla

    It seems Cookiebot isn't working well with uBlock Origin and AdGuard for Safari, affecting your website's cookie functionality. To resolve this:

    1. Try whitelisting your website on the ad blockers.
    2. Experiment with different settings in Cookiebot or the ad blockers.
    3. Contact support for both tools or check their documentation for guidance.

    Finding compatibility might need adjustments or updates from the tools' developers.


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