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Make Google Analytics through CMS respect Cookiebot



  • Patrick Gehrs

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the question.

    You would need to setup a tag specifically for Google Analytics in GTM, because most likely the e-commerce platform would place the code inappropriately from the GTM code.

    You can set the same conditional firing as Facebook and Hotjar in GTM.


  • trevorholmes

    To make Google Analytics respect Cookiebot's cookie consent preferences in a CMS (Content Management System), you would need to integrate both systems and configure them accordingly. Here's a general guideline for achieving this integration:

    1. Set up Cookiebot: a. Sign up for a Cookiebot account and create a new project. b. Configure Cookiebot settings according to your website's needs, including the cookie categories and consent options. c. Generate and install the Cookiebot JavaScript code on your website. This code will handle the cookie consent management.

    2. Configure Google Analytics: a. Set up a Google Analytics account if you haven't already done so. b. Obtain your Google Analytics tracking ID, which is a unique identifier for your website. c. Modify your Google Analytics tracking code to include the Cookiebot integration.

    3. Integrate Cookiebot with Google Analytics: a. Within the Cookiebot administration panel, locate the section for integrating with third-party scripts or services. b. Add your Google Analytics tracking code or script in the appropriate field or area provided by Cookiebot. c. Ensure that Cookiebot is set up to manage the loading and execution of the Google Analytics script based on the user's consent preferences.

    4. Customize Google Analytics behavior based on consent: a. Use the Cookiebot API to check the user's consent status for Google Analytics. b. Implement conditional logic in your Google Analytics code to handle different scenarios based on the user's consent preference. c. For users who have provided consent, load and execute the Google Analytics tracking code as usual. d. For users who have not provided consent, either disable or modify the Google Analytics code to respect their privacy preferences. This may involve disabling specific tracking features or sending limited data to Google Analytics.

    5. Test and verify: a. Test your website to ensure that Cookiebot's cookie consent banner is displayed correctly. b. Verify that the Google Analytics script is only loaded and executed when the user has provided consent. c. Confirm that the Google Analytics tracking is functioning as expected based on the user's consent preference.

    Note: The specific steps for integrating Cookiebot and Google Analytics may vary depending on the CMS you are using. Consult the documentation and support resources for your CMS, Cookiebot, and Google Analytics for detailed instructions and any CMS-specific considerations. Vist

  • Ativador

    Jetshop uses a single box for inserting the Google Analytics tracking code. This doesn't allow for granular control over the script and prevents manual blocking based on user consent.


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