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Cookie plugin block elementor



  • Official comment

    Hi all!

    It is possible some scripts are not allowed to load when customers deny the use of cookies. This is usually due to our (automatic) blocking functionality working correctly – meaning scripts that set non-necessary cookies are held back (as per your websites’ users choice). You can read more about automatic blocking here.

    The issue described in this post is actually quite individual, meaning we have to investigate the exact website where we can see the issue happening. The scripts responsible for this are most likely not the same scripts used on your website or any other website. For this reason, we always recommend to open a support ticket, so we can start our investigation – per customer/website that experiences issues with scripts not loading after installing Cookiebot. This way, we can actually point our customers to the exact script(s) and propose the best way to go about this.

    If you experience similar issues on your website (or any other issues for that matter), that you believe may be caused by the Cookiebot script, you are very welcome to write to us and receive personalized support. Support requests can be created via our support form.

  • emmapaul

    I having same issue as I'm also using elementor on my WordPress site.
    Please let me know if you get any solution.

  • Hasnat Khan

    Oh, I was thinking that just I have this issue but there are many people who are facing this issue. 

  • Henry Richard

    If you're facing an issue where a cookie plugin is blocking Elementor, you can try the following solution:

    1. Check Plugin Compatibility: Ensure that both the cookie plugin and Elementor are compatible with each other. Check their respective documentation or support forums to see if any known compatibility issues exist.

    2. Disable Cookie Blocking: Look for settings within the cookie plugin that control the blocking behavior. Disable or adjust the settings related to blocking Elementor or its functionality.

    3. Whitelist Elementor: Some cookie plugins allow you to whitelist specific scripts or elements. Find the option to whitelist Elementor or any related scripts that may be blocked. This will exempt Elementor from the cookie plugin's blocking mechanism.

    4. Review Cookie Plugin Documentation: Consult the documentation or support resources provided by the cookie plugin's developers. They may have specific instructions or recommendations for integrating the plugin with page builders like Elementor.

    5. Seek Support: If the issue persists, reach out to the support channels for both the cookie plugin and Elementor. Describe the problem in detail and provide any relevant error messages or screenshots. The support teams may be able to provide specific guidance or solutions based on your setup.

    Remember to keep both the cookie plugin and Elementor up to date, as updates often include bug fixes and compatibility improvements.


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