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CookieBot breaking my dynamic menu based on language selection)



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  • Hannah

    HI Ralph!

    I can see you also wrote to us in support and my colleague Patrick already replied. Please reopen the support ticket if you have any other questions.

    You can find the reply again below:

    What you describe is a sense, expected behavior. The cookies that the script sets are deemed not-essential by our scanner. In this case you can do two things:

    1. Change the classification of the cookie inside the Cookiebot Manager from whatever it is, to 'Necessary'.
    2. If the above does not work, you can add an attribute to the script that tells the scanner to ignore it, like so:

    <script src="" data-cookieconsent="ignore"></script>

    It's important for me to state that both solution may compromise your GDPR compliance, so proceed at your own risk. :)


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