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After referencing cookiebot, other plugins report errors


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  • Brenda Robers

    Hello! It seems like you're encountering an error with the angular-oauth2-oidc library after introducing cookiebot in your Angular project. The error message "req.detectContentTypeHeader is not a function" suggests that there might be a compatibility issue between the two libraries.

    Here are a few suggestions to resolve the issue:

    1. Check library compatibility: Ensure that the versions of angular-oauth2-oidc and cookiebot you are using are compatible with each other. Check the documentation and release notes of both libraries to see if there are any known compatibility issues or specific requirements.

    2. Load order: Make sure you are loading the libraries in the correct order. In your index.html file, check if you have the <script> tag for cookiebot placed before the <script> tag for angular-oauth2-oidc. The order of loading can sometimes affect the behavior of libraries.

    3. Update or downgrade dependencies: If possible, try updating or downgrading the versions of the libraries to see if that resolves the issue. It's possible that a newer version of either library may have addressed the compatibility problem.

    4. Seek community support: Look for similar issues reported by other developers who might have faced the same problem when using these two libraries together. Check the GitHub repositories or forums for both angular-oauth2-oidc and cookiebot to see if there are any reported issues or discussions that could help you resolve the problem.

    5. Consider alternatives: If the compatibility issue persists, you might need to consider using an alternative library or finding a different approach to achieve your desired functionality. Look for other OAuth2/OpenID Connect libraries that are compatible with cookiebot or explore other authentication options that can work alongside cookiebot.

    Remember to backup your code and configuration files before making any changes, and always test thoroughly after implementing any updates or modifications.


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