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Issues using Cookiebot inside iframes of third-party pages


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  • James Cole

    Hi, thank you for the input!
    This feature was not planned; simply because I did not know about it :-)

    According to the docu there are 2 things:

    1. Adding data-src and data-cookieconsent attributes to the iframe
    2. Display a message if not consented

    The "Display a message if not consented" task can be done by the module. We can add this placeholder before or after the iframe-tag via javascript.

    Adding data-src and data-cookieconsent attributes to the iframe might be problematic. There is something to discuss:

    Option 1: We can add these attributes via javascript. But what if the javascript is disabled on the client side? Actually entire Cookiebot widget will not work in this case. Will the website without javascript be GDPR compliant in this case?

    Option 2: The attributes will not be added by this module. Website developers should add the iframe attributes manually.


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