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  • Official comment
    Patrick Gehrs

    Hi Michael,

    I will have to see the domain and the tag in action to be able to provide you with a solid answer.

    Could you create a ticket with our Help Desk, then we'll be happy to assess the issue:

    Best regards,

  • Simon


    I had the same issue with Google Ads and Pinterest when i choose automatic. Do you had found a solution for the issue? Thank you 

  • Jonathan

    I have same issue on my website related to google ads.

  • James

    This delay could be due to various factors related to how the tag is implemented, cached, or loaded on your WordPress website. Here are some steps you can take to address this issue:

    1. Check the Load Order: Make sure that the Pinterest tag is loaded after the Cookiebot script in your website's HTML. The Pinterest tag should be dependent on the consent provided by Cookiebot. This can usually be configured within your WordPress theme or plugin settings.

    2. Verify Cookiebot Configuration: Double-check your Cookiebot settings to ensure that it's properly configured to trigger the loading of scripts (including the Pinterest tag) once consent is given. You may need to adjust the settings to ensure scripts are loaded immediately upon consent.

    3. Caching Issues: Caching plugins or server-level caching can sometimes cause delays in loading updated scripts. Clear any caching you have enabled and ensure that caching plugins are set to exclude Cookiebot-related scripts or dynamically loaded scripts.

    4. Asynchronous Loading: If the Pinterest tag is being loaded synchronously (blocking), it may cause delays. Try to load it asynchronously instead. This will allow other page elements to load while the Pinterest tag is fetched.

    5. Test with Different Consent Options: If your Cookiebot settings allow, you might want to test the behavior with different consent options (e.g., "Accept All," "Accept Necessary Cookies," etc.) to see if the behavior changes.

    6. Developer Console: Use your browser's developer console (usually accessible by pressing F12 or right-clicking and selecting "Inspect") to check for any JavaScript errors or warnings that might be causing the delay.

    7. Plugin Conflicts: Sometimes, conflicts between WordPress plugins can cause unexpected behavior. Temporarily deactivate other plugins one by one to see if any are interfering with the Pinterest tag loading.

    8. Theme Compatibility: Ensure that your WordPress theme is compatible with both Cookiebot and the Pinterest tag implementation. Sometimes, theme-specific JavaScript can conflict with scripts loaded by plugins.

    9. Check for Updates: Ensure that both the Cookiebot plugin and the Pinterest tag plugin (PixelYourSite) are up to date. Sometimes, updates include bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

    If you've gone through these steps and the issue still persists, it may be helpful to contact the support teams of Cookiebot and PixelYourSite for more specific assistance. They may have additional insights or solutions tailored to their respective plugins and your specific setup.

  • James

    To resolve the issue of the Pinterest Tag not loading immediately after consent with Cookiebot in WordPress, ensure the tag is loaded after Cookiebot processes consent. Adjust the script loading order or consider using a JavaScript event listener to trigger the tag once consent is given. This ensures the tag functions correctly without requiring a page reload....


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