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Analytics launch twice + no Purchase



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    Patrick Gehrs

    Hi Hugolin,

    We have updated our GTM deployment article several times within the last three months:

    Perhaps you can try to re-implement both GTM and GCM.

    If it still doesn't work, please create a ticket within our Help Desk:

    Best regards,

  • hugolin69

    I come back to you.

    It seems that you solved that by increasing the "wait_for_update" of Google Consent from 500ms to 2.000ms.

    Now, even if it is less frequent, I still have many times Analytics 2 times, with a very few millisecondes delay. The problem is that the second one that is the one Analytics keeps, do not manage to get the DataLayer.

    Then, my purchases does not comes up, which is the main visible part of the Iceberg. When I navigate through my website, it happens quite many times, almost 1 page on 10.

    This is a major bug, and this does not seems to be linked to my setup. I tried with a very minimalist page, with minimal code, and the problem appears.

    Something in the behaviour CookieBot Manual + Google Consent, makes reloading the pageview without Datalayer.

    I do not understand, how a major bug like that, is not a priority. Many users complains with that bug.

    Please help.

  • harrisonlewis

    Hey Hugolin,

    We have refreshed our GTM organization article a few times inside the most recent three months:

    Maybe you can attempt to re-execute both GTM and GCM.

    On the off chance that it actually doesn't work, kindly make a ticket inside our Help Desk:

    Best respects,

  • justin

    same issue 


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