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Remove "Powered by Cookiebot"



  • Official comment
    Patrick Gehrs

    Hi Jonas,

    We're often adding new customization features to our Cookiebot Manager. The squared logo will soon be a thing of the past - soon you will be able to upload an adequate logo as you could with the Element banner.

    Regarding the 'Powered by Cookiebot' you can remove it by following this guide:

    Hope you found use in my reply.

    All the best,

  • Jonas Reuter

    Example #2:

  • Thomas Herskind-Carlsen

    Totally agree with what Jonas is saying. The gigantic powered by Cookiebot is a major no no.

  • Davide Prevosto


    the CSS workaround is not the best option in my opinion. I personally would like to also remove the external link and the text from the DOM. It would be cleaner.

    Take care

  • Jonas Reuter

    Dear Patrick,

    a solutions via CSS is non practical. We would have to update multiple sites and rollout the new build.


  • Davide Prevosto

    Dear Patrick,

    have you got any update for us on this matter?

    Thank you

  • james234298

    an arrangements by means of CSS is non functional. We would need to refresh numerous locales and rollout the new form.

  • CookieInfo

    Hi all,

    We created some Cookiebot cookie banner designs in which the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files are available for further customization of the template.

    You can check the Cookiebot cookie banner designs here: 

    The cookie banners adapt to the language settings in the cookie manager.


    Below is an example according to Noyb – Schrems. But other designs are also available.

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

  • Zona14 Es

    Hola, quiero eliminar totalmente Cookiebot, ya elimine la cuenta ahora me sale esto en mi pagina web y no se quita: 

    Error: The domain XXXXX.ES is not authorized to show the cookie declaration for domain group ID f81556d6-7a08-4d9d-97cf-f8b8cbabb9b9. Please add it to the domain group in the Cookiebot Manager to authorize the domain.
  • barretta

    I've tried to use your code  

    <style type="text/css">
    div#CybotCookiebotDialogPoweredByText { display: none; }

    #CookiebotWidget .CookiebotWidget-body .CookiebotWidget-main-logo {
    display: none;
    } </style>

    but the logo continue to be present.

    Any others suggests? 


  • Permanently deleted user


    Thank you for reaching out to Cookiebot. 

    In order to investigate the matter, we need some input. 

    • Domain in question?
    • User name (email) registered with the Cookiebot?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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