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Is it possible to make cookiebot use the language selected in wordpress?



  • Official comment

    Hi Michael,


    We have an example script in this article that shows how to set the banner language based on the URL, e.g. for sites that use a structure such as This may need to be modified, based on how the language selection works and how the selected language can be detected.


    We can take a deeper look if you'd like. In that case, it is probably better suited for a support ticket.

  • Michael Briel

    Hello there, Rune! :)
    Thanks! I'll check that out, this should be all I need. :)

    Regards - Michael

  • Michael Briel

    :D Me again: I completely missed the fact that there's a selection for this right there, in the wordpress plugin! :D

    Works. Problem solved. :)

  • George Danial

    I am planning to install the wpml plugin for my blog as I have seen audience in different language are more interested in my blog. I am looking for a recommendation, if this plugin will be helpful in my multi lingual blog.

    My blog is based on a trending game where I provide them with latest tips and trick plus a few modifications. It is built using Generate press and the name is Carrom Pool APK MOD. Do have a look and please drop your suggestions.




  • Rune

    Hi George,


    Cookiebot should work with WPML. If you run into any issues, then please Create a Support Request.


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