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Cookiebot account (premium) technical contact and and administrative contact?



  • Official comment



    We do not have such option yet, but you can add multiple recipients to the scanner reports, as well as having a different recipient for invoices. It is also not a requirement that contacting support is done from the account owner's email address.

  • vr

    Just to add some more info, i refer to my customer account, if there is a way to identify different contacts, technical owner of the account and administrative contact (invoicing and admin)

  • Ulrich Babiak

    That's on the wish list for a long time. I was told once upon a time that it was "planned" ... keep on asking for it, it is useful or necessary for larger companies/entities.

  • milandrivertaxi

     The scanner reports do not have this feature, but you can assign a different recipient to invoices and add multiple recipients to scanner reports. Additionally, contact with support does not need to come from the account owner's email address.


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