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Gather non-personal google analytics data unless user actively rejects


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  • Hi Emer,

    In order to track a user visit the user should allow a specific cookies beforehand, this is how Cookiebot works regarding the GDPR rules. Unfortunately, you could not automatically allow cookies which track user visits unless somebody actively rejects them. 
    The whole purpose and idea of Cookiebot and GDPR rules is that the user should allow the cookies and gives its consent before loading statistics, marketing or preferences cookies. Under the EU GDPR, you must get a consent from your website users before you set any cookies other than those that are strictly necessary for the website to function. This means you have to hold back all those cookies and online trackers containing personal data that are not strictly necessary, until the user agrees to them by giving an appropriate consent. And if the user does not want for his/her personal data to be used that way and doesn’t give a consent, then you need to continue holding back everything but strictly necessary cookies. 



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