How can a user modify their consent after they have already accepted ?


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  • Hi Neha,

    If you are using 'Active Consent' method for the banner then a website visitor automatically submits a cookie consent by continuing using the website. In case that you are using 'Explicit Consent' then the dialog keeps showing on each page request until the website visitor has responded. But once a visitor has been given a consent the banner would not appear again for this user. 
    However, every user has the opportunity to withdraw or renew his consent from the link on the Cookie Declaration page. When clicking the link, Cookiebot banner appears again and then the user can change the already given consent. 

    You could also "pop-up" the banner for renewal or withdraw using the cookiebot API. There is a withdraw() and renew() function on the Cookiebot object in case that you want a totally custom implementation, not spawning up the banner, you can use submitCustomConsent.
    You could find more information about this at


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