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X out option on Cookiebot banner


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  • Hi Mitchell,

    There are two option methods that you could use on Cookiebot consent banner.
    Active Consent - Website visitors ignoring the consent dialog automatically consents to all cookies by continued use of the website.
    Explicit Consent - The consent dialog keeps showing on each page request until the website visitor has responded.

    If you choose to use 'explicit consent' the banner will keep showing until the visitor allow cookies. 
    However, if you use 'Accept Only' dialogue box the website visitors would not be able to choose not to accept/accept some categories because this dialog type show opt-in button only so users can only use website by accepting all cookies.

    If you would like visitors to have opportunity to choose between different cookie categories then you should use 'Multilevel' dialog type which allows users to opt-in and out of separate cookie categories.
    The given consent on specific cookie categories could also be renewed from the 'renew consent' link on the Cookie Declaration page.



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