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CookieConsent set to -1 automatically inside Germany



  • Mike Francis

    I have noticed the same issue today as well, but for all EU countries. When I have the distribution set to Visitors from the EU only, and visit the site from an EU country it is showing -1 as if it is not a country within the EU.

    I have noticed that selecting an individual country within the EU still works. but selecting the entire EU option does not work.

    This needs to be resolved quickly. The main use case for Cookiebot is not functional.

  • Jan van den Broek

    Unfortunately I have the same problem with many of my clients. Changing the consent to "All visitors" instead of "Visitors from the EU only" helps, but is not the solution I wanted to go for. Can this be fixed?

  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter


    This is strange behavior of Cookiebot consent banner and it definitely needs to be investigated further more in details. If you want you could submit a ticket with your question and domain to Cookiebot support team at this email: 



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