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Wordpress plugin errors: "...jetpack.php): failed to open stream"



  • Official comment

    Hi Dina,

    We are looking into it and will provide a solution as fast as possible.

    Sorry for any inconvenience our latest update may have caused.

  • Dina Hvidgaard

    I tried installing the Jetpack plugin. The error disappeared. Since I have no use for the plugin, I removed it again (deactivated it and deleted it). The error is back.

  • Kenan

    Hi Dina,

    The bug has been fixed in version 2.4.1.

    If you would like to avoid such incidents, please disable the "auto-update" feature of the Cookiebot plugin. 

    Again, sorry for any downtime this may have caused.


  • Dina Hvidgaard

    Awesome, thanks :)

  • Stef Tock

    Hi - I'm using most recent available version of Cookiebot, version 2.4.3 (along with up-to-date WP and WooCommerce)

    This error still exists, constantly filling up my error log.

    I don't really want to have to install jetpack just to stop the error messages Cookiebot creates. 
    Please help.

    Many thanks


  • Johan Holst Nielsen

    Hi Stef,

    We have not been able to reproduce the error in the latest version. Are you able to sent us a bit more information to make the debugging easier? 

    Please send:

    • Screenshot of your plugin page (/wp-admin/plugins.php)
    • Screenshot of your "active cookiebot addons" (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=cookiebot-addons)


    Best Regards,


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