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Tracking user interaction depending on prior consent



  • Hi Christoph,

    The events like cookieconsent_statistics are only triggered on page load.
    However, if you want to trigger anything after page load, like click on a link, you need to define a User-Defined-Variable of type "Custom JavaScript" in GTM that reads out the user's consent state on a cookie category, e.g. "Cookiebot.consent.statistics" 

    return Cookiebot.consent.statistics.toString()

    On his existing click-trigger you must then add the following firing condition: Cookiebot.consent.statistics equals true 


  • Aurora

    I have a similar question, and also want to confirm that we need to add the cookie consent check for ALL events we are tracking within Tag Manager (not just GA Pageviews)?

    If yes, does the cookiebot.consent.statistics variable need to be checked within the "This trigger fires on" section, or can it be a condition in the "Enable this trigger ..." section?

  • Hi Aurora,

    You could not add cookie consent to check all events you are tracking with Google Tag Manager on your website. You should add cookie consent to the events which requires giving a consent regarding the GDPR rules (which set cookies on the site). 
    Actually, it should not matter how many instances/events of Google Tag Manager you are using. What matters is that you have created the triggers in each of the instances, and assigned these triggers to the relevant tags.




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