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    Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Zitec Company,

    I tested your sites on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and for me it seems that the bulk consent is working properly, as I open both domains and the consent dialog box is showing on both, then I accept cookies only for one of the domains and then switch to the other. When on the second site, I refresh the page (press ctrl + F5) and the consent dialog box disappears so I`m not asked for a consent again.

    Please have in mind that you must accept minimum cookies of the type ‘preferences’ when giving consent. We have an article about bulk consent, which you can check here:


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    Zitec Company

    Hello Elina,

    Thank you for your response. I have resolved the issue mentioned the day prior to your post response. The solution was to remove the additional language we have added from the "Content" tab in Cookiebot interface. 

    This solution solved the problem for a while, but now the problem resurfaced without and further modifications from our part. 

    Please let us know what is the solution to this problem. 

    Thank you! 

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