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Scan domain don't work for my site installed in the folder



  • Hi Clément,

    I`m not sure I completely understand your question and apologize if so, but here are some articles, which may help you:

    If this is not helpful for you, please feel free to write us again.


  • Eduardo Martins

    Hi Elina,


    I've the same issue... i have a domain with diferent sites in each folder, how can i scan them separately?




    In the config of cookiebot, if i add "" has my domain, i get an error that its not a valid domain, so add only  "" and ok it's valid... but then i should add a domain alias "/dev/client1" but the scan don't go to this folder.


    How should i proceed in a setup like this?



  • Hi Pedro B.

    Cookiebot treats domains and subdomains separately. This is because Cookiebot needs to scan each domain/sub-domain in-depth. Therefore, you need a subscription for each of your domains and each of your subdomains, because the subscription plans are per domain and per subdomain and you must pay one subscription for each of your domains.
    However, you could handle multiple domains from one account. And domain alias could be used for development or test purposes.

    For example, "" is your domain and it could be scanned completely. If you would like to scan and as two separate domains/sub-domains you would need a subscription for each of your domains and each of your subdomains and you should require them to be scanned separately.



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