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  • Hi Johannes,

    I tested the site on my version of Firefox and the problem is there. However only by inspecting the page it`s hard to find the reason causing it.
    Can you confirm that the problem appeared just after the cookiebot implementation on the site? Have you tested the navigation on Firefox before that or maybe test it now after disabling the cookiebot script?
    Because the dialog box is positioned absolutely to the other page elements and I don`t see any errors in the console.
    The other thing is that before the “visual artifact appears sporadically”, the selected navigation tab is initially expanding and then this artifact is flashing. So maybe there is some issue with the site navigation menu.


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    Johannes Ulfkjær Jensen

    I took another stab at it and it seems that it was in fact the google custom search box that caused it. They must have updated it around the same time I added Cookiebot. Sorry for the bad report, but thanks for looking into it :)

    Kind regards


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