Twitter Prior Consent not working


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  • Hi Howard,

    After inspection your domain it seems that everything is set just fine. The code is correct and the script from Twitter is not loaded until the visitor accepts cookies. 
    So I cannot really understand what do you mean by "not showing". If you want to hide an visible HTML element until the visitor has consented, he can apply the style sheet class "cookieconsent-optin-marketing" to that element. You could find more details on

    Also, the cookie declaration on the site includes two cookies from - one under "necessary cookies" and the other under "Unclassified". This might also cause the problem, so please check this out and classify those cookies properly.
    The cookie from LinkedIn is deployed from the following tag which is embedded on the site: <script type="text/plain" data-cookieconsent="marketing" async src=""></script>


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