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Cookie Banner not disappearing



  • Official comment

    We would very much like to investigate this further. Could you please send a mail to with a brief description and the domain name on which you experience this issue?

  • Christian Bailey

    Please ignore this now. I've solved this myself...



  • Karol

    Hi :) Could You explain how did You manage to fix it?

    I'm having the same issue currently.

    The banner keeps poping up over and over again after clicking "accept" button.
    It happens most often when the "Renew user consents" is triggered in the cb admin panel.

    It happens since I've redesigned our custom template - changed mainly css styling + bit of html, also changed js but only in terms of controlling visibility of some divs.

    I can see, that each time, after clicking "accept" button, CB injects "<script type="text/javascript" id="CookiebotCustomScript">" script again, and creates next "logconsent.ashx" resource.


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