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youtube-nocookie classified as marketing



  • Hi Arvid,

    By default Cookiebot recognize some basic and different kind of cookies and separate them into this 4 categories: necessary, preferences, statistics and marketing. For example google analytics cookies are set to statistics category, different ads and youtube cookies are assigned to marketing, respectively the necessary site cookies are set to necessary category.

    When Cookiebot is integrated on a website it scans the whole site and makes a report will all cookies. Cookiebot has a repository with previously scanned cookies which are already assigned to specific categories. The cookies are categorized as necessary/marketing/statistic/preferences by the provider(s) of the cookies, whom the cookiebot's researches have been in touch with.

    It is normal that Cookiebot has classified this youtube cookie to the marketing category because as I said this is something which is set by default and Cookiebot recognize the youtube cookies as a marketing cookies and respectively assign them into the marketing category.


  • Arvid

    Thank you Spas.

    I would expect to be classified as preferences only.

    Great day,


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