Cookiebot erase cookies once accepted



  • Hi Mathias,

    Usually the above mentioned cookies should not be set before the Cookiebot popup banner is shown and even before the specific consent is given. Could you please tell me to which category those cookies are assigned to. 
    The action regarding those cookies could be caused because of the fact that the cookies are not assigned to specific category are also loaded even before the consent banner is shown, in this way after giving consent the accepted cookies are set and the other ones are deleted.

    This is my guess so for, but I could not be sure without seeing the domain in question. Could you please check and if this is not the case you could send me your domain so I can investigate it further more and help you solve the issue instead of guessing. If you want you could post you domain here or send it at


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    Mathias Marrillet


    Sorry my bad... the cookies weren't in the "required" category...

    It's now working fine.

    Thx ! 

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