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How to install Cookiebot in such a way that it appears above other elements on the website?



  • Hi Ara,

    I have tested your domain and everything seems to work fine, I do not receive the described issue from the video you have provided. I have tested the website on both pc and mac using the safari browser and I can see that only the Cookiebot banner/dialog pop-ups.
    Could you please check if the above described issue still occurs so I can investigated your domain further more. Also please make sure that you have cleared your local cache before testing the domain. 
    Do not hesitate to write back in the community if you have any problems related with Cookiebot so we can help you solve them afterwards.


  • Ara Blanquera

    Hi Spas,

    Thank you for checking for us! We tried handling it ourselves which may be why the Cookiebot banner now appears in front of the other pop-up. However, we saw that it doesn't work on iPad. What do you think?


  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Ara,


    Do you still experience the problem above described ? You can try some different options from the admin panel to show your dialog, maybe: Slide down, Overlay or Custom Template. (AdminPanel > DIalog > Templates/Types Try to change some z-index on the popups.




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