Dialog placement above website doesn't work



  • Hi Radboud University,

    As I understand, what you want is the Cookie banner to push down all of the page content and show just above it so it does not overlay above the content.
    Then the right option for you should be ‘Push down’ – it works just as described above.
    The 'Top' option wouldn't work for you, because then the dialog will display on the top of the page, but over the page content.

    When selecting the preferred template for the dialog from the Cookiebot Manager, there is a ‘Preview’ button and by clicking on it, you will be able to see how the cookie banner would appear on your website.

    As the ‘Push down’ option doesn`t work as supposed to on your website, I suggest that you should check the rest of the dialog options in the Cookiebot Manager or it could be some CSS rule that overwrites оr obstructs the css styles for the dialog box.


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    Radboud University

    Thank you for your response. It is not working, so I will check if there are interfering CSS styles.

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