Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'insertBefore' of null at CookieControl.CookieDeclaration.InjectCookieDeclaration



  • Hi Christian,

    This error could be caused from wrong implementation of the Cookiebot script, for example if you have added the script in the wrong area of your website source code.
    The above described issue can happen if the cookie declaration script tag is not inserted within a parent tag, e.g. a div tag or at least within the body tag of the page. 

    Could you please check where you have added the script and confirm that everything is implemented correctly. In case that this is not the problem we will investigate your domain further in order to find you what exactly the issue is and help you solve it afterwards. 


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    Christian Wilms

    The script is inserted into the body tag and has a div around it so it should be in order. 

    I have addressed a mail to one of your colleagues with more information about the domain and which pages the declaration should be shown. 

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