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    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi Sebastian

    You need to change the HTML code and apply the attribute "data-cookieconsent" to all script tags setting cookies.

    The two examples shown are what changes you need to make for Google Analytics, depending on the installation you have. You will need to apply the same attributes to all other scripts that sets cookies in your HTML.


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    Hi Brian,


    thanks for your email, but your answer - sorry for being so open - does not help, as this just repeats what is stated in step no 2 of your Shopify installation guide, which was not clear to me in the first place. Sorry, that I am not a coder and hence we need to approach it step by step:

    1. I assume you are talking about the HTML code of my Shopify Store? Right? This is the only area where I need to apply code changes? So no additional changes in Google Analytics Universal?

    2. Where can I find the 'script tags setting cookies'? In the sense: on which line of the codes / areas of the code (header, footer, etc.) are these hidden?

    3. HOW do I find them? In the sense, how do I search for them? Example: Copy the whole code in Word and then do a search in Word? Or how else do I make sure that I pick up all these cookies?


    These questions are only dealing in finding and identifying these cookies. Now on to the kind of changes I need to do:

    4. In the Google Analytics Universal example you are giving, you exchange the <script> with <script type="text/plain" data-cookieconsent="statistics">. I need to do this change for all the cookies I have identified in the above steps. That is all?

    5. If this is all, where do I change the values, as higlhighted in this sentence: "Set the comma-separated value of the attribute to one or more of the three types of cookies: "preferences", "statistics" and "marketing" in accordance with the types of cookies being set by each script.". This also is not clear to me.


    Sorry for being so straight forward, but neither the original post on Shopify implementation nor your answer is clear to me.


    Thanks for your feedback.


    Best regards,






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  • Hey Sebastian,

    3. When you login into your cookiebot account and view a report from the scan located under "Reports" tab, you will see that for all the listed cookies there is a lines called: "Initiator" and "Source". This will help you locate the script that is setting a specific cookie in order to find it and add the "data-cookieconsent" attribute and change it to "text/plain".

    4. Yes. Note that some scripts might be setting couple of cookies in different categories. Adding this once with the appropriately set category is enough.

    5. As I mentioned in point 4 above. If you have a script setting cookies in different categories, you can do like this:
    <script type="text/plain" data-cookieconsent="statistics,marketing"> for example.

    I hope this clarifies the solution a bit more.



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