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Just implemented cookiebot with google tag manager but not compliant


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  • Martin - vConnect - Community Supporter


    Apologize for late response.

    The public compliance test you are using from the front page of our website, does not consider your actual configuration in Cookiebot. This is because we do not provide your settings to the public and therefore the compliance test scanner will not be informed that you have made these manual classifications.
    If you have made the necessary changes in your Cookiebot configuration, those will apply to your website, no matter what the public test states.

    Regarding the storing of first-party cookies could be caused by a local setting of your browser or some extension/plugin you have, but this is just a guess.

    Another thing that might cause cookiebot not work properly is if you have implemented it thru GTM and the WP plugin at the same time.

    If you have followed the instructions correctly Cookiebot integration thru GTM will work. You can see the more information here:

    If you still experience issues, please send me the domain on or post it here, so we can inspect furthermore.



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