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Massive consent in cookies



  • Hi miriam,

    Could you elucidate where in the documentation you have seen the term "massive consent", so I can be able to check it and explain you afterwards?


  • miriam

    Hello Elina,

    Thank you for replying. I saw it when I was reading this part:

    Free plan does not include the following Premium standard features: Customize banner, Customize declaration, multiple languages, e-mail reports, data-export, geo location, bulk consent, consent statistics, internal domain alias for development, test and staging.


    I was reading it in Spanish so I made an approximated translation, but the accurate word would be 'bulk consent'.

    What does it mean exactly? 

    Thank you again.

  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi miriam,

    You can handle as many domains as you would like from one joint account and, If you would like the domains to 'behave' the same way, you should add them to the same 'domain group'.
    With ‘Bulk Consent’ for all the domains and subdomains within one domain group you ensure that a website visitor is asked for a joint consent covering all the domains/subdomains only the first time he visits one of those domains.
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