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Cookie: First found URL is a subdomain



  • Trish Coddington

    Anyone able to help with this? 

  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Trish, 

    Apologize for late response.

    The Cookiebot scanner crawls your website to look for all the cookies and tracking technology in use. It simulates a number of regular website users visiting your website. You can think of it as a simulation of say e.g. 7-8 users simultaneously visiting the website and going through all the subpages, clicking all the links, menu points and buttons, playing embedded videos and taking all the actions possible – in other words doing everything that it is possible for a website visitor to do on the website being scanned while at the same time picking up on cookies and trackers in use. So the crawler detect that cookie for first time on your subdomains and list it as "first founded URL"

    If you want to scan only the domain without sub-domains, but this is something that our team need to configure. Please submit the domain name and the path to our helpdesk, so that we are able to set a filter up. You should also add the attribute "data-path" to both Cookiebot script tags which will only work on URLs under the path. Consents given will only cover the part of the website which belongs under the path.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Trish,

    I want just to clarify the above answer, because it is a bit wrong.

    The scanner does not scan your sub-domain, but only individual pages that are linked from the main domain via redirect. In this case if is the main domain and there is a link that redirects to the than the scanner will pick that up as well and list the cookies from it.



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