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Cookie not managed by cookiebot disappear (18/09/2018)



  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Emmanuel,

    It is hard to say what the exact problem is without seeing the website.
    But I guess that you could solve this issue by giving the cookie in question the category "Necessary" in the manager. Then Cookiebot will not touch it.

    Otherwise you could send me your domain so I could check it out in order to see what might went wrong and help you solve the issue afterwards instead of guessing. If you want you can post your domain name here or send it at


  • Kim L.

    Dear cookiebot support team,

    We just discovered the same problem that Emmanuel mentioned.
    We had various cookies classified as "not classified". It seems that all cookies that are "not classified" are deleted if the users clicks the "OK" button of our cookie notice banner. As this change meant a significant business loss for us (as tracking was not working properly in the last weeks), I would like to know if a release on your side has happened recently.

    Thanks and best regards


  • Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Kim,

    Do you still experience the problem above described ? 
    You need to classify the cookies, then will be fine.




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