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Cookiebot JQuery conflict with Wordpress Avada theme



  • Hi bellagioskyteam,

    If you like, you could send me the domain you have problem with at or post it here, so I can check it and help you solve this issue afterwards.


  • Philipp Kleindienst



    i have the same problem with Avada. My Stick-Menu and Equal Height doesnt work. Cookiebot block needed scripts. Ask for help. (Paid subscription)




  • Hi Philipp,

    The above described problem might occur because the cookiebot script it not inserted as a first script into the head section. You should add the Cookiebot script at the very top within the HEAD-tag of your website. Please check the general implementation guide for more detailed information because this may be one of the reason why Cookiebot conflicts with other scripts and plugins: (in case that you do not use the Cookiebot plugin)

    However, the other reason why Cookiebot might blocks other scripts and plugins is that those scripts/plugins are setting cookies which are not classified and allowed by the visitors and therefore Cookiebot does not load them. If other scripts/plugins are setting cookies on the website you should classify those cookies and enable prior consent. 
    In case that those script are setting cookies and are needed for the site you could classify them as 'necessary'.
    Another solution which might works is to move/include the other scripts to the footer so they do not conflict with Cookiebot script which should be added into the head tag of your website.

    Could you please tell we if the other scripts/plugins work after giving a consent and allowing all cookies on the site. I am asking this because in case that other scripts/plugins are working after allowing cookies this means that everything is working as it should. This is how Cookiebot works, it blocks/holds all elements which are setting cookies on the site until the user allow them. This is not a bug or a problem, this is how Cookiebot works and expected behavior regarding the GDPR requirements.  


  • Ralf Longwitz

    Hi Spas,

    I have the same problem, but with Joomla, so it does not really matter what system is used. 

    Your explanations have been quite helpful, but I still need to ask, to make sure:

    Is it possible to allow certain scripts and cookies that are absolutely technically necessary, without prior consent? The site needs to run without a page reload being necessary after consent. Otherwise we cannot really use Cookiebot.

    One reason is that if a page is reloaded, then Google Analytics will count access as direct access, not organic or referred. This is a problem that we currently have with another cookie banner and that we need to solve.

    Thank you!



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