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Cookie Declaration without Consent Banner



  • Official comment
    Jesper Rosenkrantz

    And a little more info:

    You can use the Cookie Declaration without also using the cookie consent banner (first script). That way, you are not asking the users for their consent but simply displaying information about the cookies in use on the website. What will *not* work is the part of the Cookie Declaration that lists the current consent state as well as the possibility to withdraw (or change) the consent as required under GDPR. That part – which is automatically built into the standard template of the Cookie Declaration – will not work if the first script is not installed/present on the same page.

  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Evaristo,

    The Cookie consent banner is a part of making your use of cookies and online tracking compliant – it notifies the visitors that your site uses cookies and gives them the possibility to opt in/opt out a cookie consent.

    The Cookie Declaration is related to the cookie consent banner - the user can see his current consent, change it or completely withdraw it. If the user clicks ‘change your consent’ or ‘withdraw your consent’ the cookie consent banner will re-appear. It also contains a list of all the cookies and trackers in use on your website. This information is automatically drawn from the latest scan report for your website and is automatically updated with each new scan.

    In our general 3-step implementation guide you will see that the consent dialog script code is fundamental step to enable Cookiebot on your site.



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