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How can I stop cookiebot crawling my sites



  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Sgarcia Nau,

    The scanner simulates a number of regular website users (you can think of it as a simulation of say e.g. 7-8 users) visiting your website and going through all the subpages. The scans are done that way to ensure that all cookies and trackers that a regular user could possibly encounter on your website are found.

    In order to have the least possible impact on your website's performance, the scanner only sends one request every 2 seconds.

    There is no other way to do the scans, so you cannot prevent the traffic from happening. You can, however, exclude the traffic from your regular website statistics by either excluding the provider 'microsoft corporation' or by excluding the IP addresses we scan from.

    For the website scans that are part of the Cookiebot subscription, we scan from the following IPs:


  • Sgarcia Nau


    Thank you for your response.

    Hosting techs said that the sites is going down because of bots.

    So If I cancel subscription your bot will not scan my sites?


    Sergio García

  • Hi Sgarcia,

    If you cancel your Cookiebot account and subscription entirely, all your data will be permanently deleted and any Cookiebot scripts will not work from the time you cancel your account. Your website won`t be a part of of the Cookiebot subscription and no scan will be provided.



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