Change wording in Cookie Declaration: "Your current state"



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    Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Pam, 

    About your question for list with different values, you can find it in the Admin panel > Declaration tab on Custom template, also check this screenshot: 

    Kind regards, 

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    Pam Hardy

    Thank you. I'm still having issues with my test page. The values for the four cookie types are not changing on my test page when a user changes which cookie types they have consented to. All four cookie types are listed on the test page, even if the user has not consented to all four cookie types.

    In the default Cookie Declaration template, as well on the Cookiebot website (, the cookie types that the user has currently consented to are listed correctly. If you click Change your consent or Withdraw your consent, the list of cookie types updates automatically with the new values.

    Is it possible for a support ticket to be opened on my behalf so that I can send you the link to my test page privately?

    Thank you!

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