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How can we add a new user to our account



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    Richard van der Velde

    Hi Damien and Christian,

    We've gotten the request from users to be able to have several users for a Cookiebot account before. Currently, the system isn't suited to support this and it would require reworking the user interface and making quite a few structural changes.

    We do listen to what feedback we get from our users though, and it's definitely "on the table". 

    I've spoken to our Product Management team, and have been told this will be a point on their agenda and they aim to have it on our 2020 roadmap. 

  • Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Damien,

    You can handle as many domains as you would like from one joint account, but unfortunately it is not possible to add more admins to your account, as it is related with payment methods, etc.
    As you don`t want to be the only one to access the settings of your Cookiebot account, you could provide the account`s credentials to who you want to be able to manage it. But you have to make sure that you do not work in multiple sessions, since this can cause domains to be moved or deleted entirely.


  • Christian Walter

    Hi Elina,

    we use Cookiebot for multiple Domains and in a company with a lot of departments and users it is not complient that we share  personal account credentials.

    Also it is not efficient and practicable that person A need to inform person B when he login and change settings in Cookiebot.

    Could you please give us an information if you are working on a solid account adminsistration which allows to give account credentials for different persons and that they can work the same time in the Cookiebot Backend?

    If you don't have this in near future what is the alternative?

    Thanks, Christian

  • Felix K.

    Hi Cookiebot Team,

    was this very old feature request considered in the meantime?
    I see above that it was planned for 2020.


  • Craeghs, Joke


    I want a colleague to also have access to our cookiebot account, but I'm not eager to give him my login detail (password). Is it already possible to add multiple users (logins) to one cookiebot account?

    Thank you,

  • Petri Holopainen


    A much needed feature.



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