Implementing cookiebot on a Sitebuilder website



  • Hi sally

    You could implement Cookiebot into Sitebuilder by adding the cookiebot scripts into the admin panel of the platform. When open Admin Panel, select Manage > Advanced, then choose the Site HTML field in the Advanced Settings window. Into the Site HTML field paste the Cookiebot consent dialog script. 

    You could implement prior consent modifying the iframes and scripts by the usual way, adding "data-src" and "data-cookieconsent="marketing" properties.

    To implement Cookie Declaration, from Admin panel choose the specific page you want to add it and select Elements > EMBED HTML. Into EMBED HTML field paste the cookie declaration script where you want it to appear on the page.


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    sally beeston

    Thank you very much. The cookie consent has worked a treat. There is an error with the consent declaration but I can live with that.

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