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Url with parameter



  • Elizabeth Stapel

    My guess, as a fellow user, is that those parameters may be regarded as links to, or as implied links to new pages.

    In my case, I've got an affiliate's widget installed on my pages, for people who want face-to-face instruction in their homes. They click on the "Find a Tutor" link on my page; they're then taken to a page "on" my site, that page showing tutors in their local area. The page name is of the form "domain_name_public_html/mathtutors.php". Entering one's post code results in the affiliate's database providing a web page containing a listing of tutors in one's localised area (in the US).

    Each of these tutor pages is of the form /domain_name_public_html/specific_tutors_in_area.php Since each of the pages is different (because of the many thousands of localities which have been set up in the affiliate's database), there are thousands of "pages" which can be served as a result of one click.

    So only one page is being called, but the parameters make the results variable. In checking CookieBot's e-mailed listing of URLs that they'd "found" on my site, I found that the listing consisted almost entirely of this affiliate's database pages.


  • Paul Albrecht

    Same problem here. We have a few websites with a few pages but may parameters. An options to block parameters by regex in the backend would be perfect. 


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