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They charge more pages than u have



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    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi dspstudio

    In our ticket exchange I hope we have made it clear that we have approved you for a partial refund.

    As explained our scanner follows urls and scan each of them. Your website utilizes a large amount of url-paramter-based filtering which caused our scanner to find more pages than strictly necessary. Because of this we have granted a partial refund charging you only for our smallest package. 

    Your refund is being processed but we do ask for your patience in this matter.


  • dspstudio

    To late, the charge back is incoming, just called me from the bank. please remove my credit card because i have a feeling that ill be charged again.

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi dspstudio

    I have to ask you kindly to please read our ticket exchange again.

    It outlines that your subscription is still active and that you need to actively cancel it in your account configuration. Your account will be charged again if you do not act on this. We are still actively providing you with a service and you are still utilizing our cookie banner on your website.

    Unfortunately we cannot cancel your subscription for you, this has to be your active choice. Please log in to your account and follow the instructions outlined.

    Please see this article as well for information on the steps to cancel:



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